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Ex-Cadets who left us for eternity

Late Dr. A K M Ziaul Islam

Batch No: 1|Cadet No: 19

Late Md Abdul Latif

Batch No: 2|Cadet No: 54

Late Md Mushfiqur Kabir

Batch No: 2|Cadet No: 64

Late Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Batch No: 2|Cadet No: 66

Late Md. Kanakuzzaman

Batch No: 3|Cadet No: 111

Late M Yeadul Islam

Batch No: 4|Cadet No: 188

Khandker Muhammad Arif

Batch No: 5|Cadet No: 233

Razu Ahmed

Batch No: 5|Cadet No: 237

Late Md. Aktaruzzaman

Batch No: 5|Cadet No: 248

Late Md. Ahsanul Haque

Batch No: 5|Cadet No: 254

Sayeed Ahmed

Batch No: 6|Cadet No: 283

Mustafa Abdul Mannan

Batch No: 6|Cadet No: 305

Late Md. Shajedul Islam

Batch No: 7|Cadet No: 322

Late Md. Tariqul Islam

Batch No: 7|Cadet No: 351

Late Md. Mahbubur Rashid

Batch No: 8|Cadet No: 371

Late Md. Shafiul Azam

Batch No: 9|Cadet No: 443

Arif Ahmed Dipu

Batch No: 11|Cadet No: 535

Late Md. Shakwat Hossain

Batch No: 12|Cadet No: 582

Late Rajibul Kabir

Batch No: 12|Cadet No: 590

Late Rana Raihan Md Faruk

Batch No: 12|Cadet No: 604

Md Kawser Ahmed

Batch No: 14|Cadet No: 700

Dr. Md. Jahidur Rashid Sumon

Batch No: 15|Cadet No: 768

Late Majedul Haque

Batch No: 16|Cadet No: 803

Late Ashraf Ibn Ahmed

Batch No: 16|Cadet No: 808

Late Md. Tajmilur Rahman

Batch No: 18|Cadet No: 888

T M Mojahidul Islam Richard

Batch No: 18|Cadet No: 922

Golam Faujul Kabir

Batch No: 22|Cadet No: 1095

Mahbub Al Mehedi Jisan

Batch No: 26|Cadet No: 1341

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